Vanadinite Mineral

Vanadinite mineral crystals in Naples FL at Altered Elements Store.

Vanadinite Mineral

Vanadinite Mineral (Prismatic Crystals)

Chemical Composition: Pb5 (VO4)3Cl

Locality: Taouz Mine, Morocco

Astrological Sign of Virgo



Vanadinite, a member of the Apatite group, crystallizes in the form of globular masses, barrel shaped crystals, acicular crystals, hair like formations, and prismatic and, rarely, as hollow prismatic crystals. The colour range includes bright Ruby-red, orange, orange-red, yellow, brown-yellow, and red-brown. The mineral was first reported in 1838 by F. von Kobell and was names for the composition  (containing Vanadium).




This mineral can facilitate the mental processes, filling the vacancy between thought and intelligence. It can also provide for a deep state of meditation, allowing the mind to be entirely “void of course”. Prior to this utilization of the stone, one can consciously decide whether to use the meditative state as a vehicle of emptiness or as a vehicle to further the psychic process to provide visions with respect to predefined questions (which are known).

This mineral can promote order to ones life, helping one to define the goals and to pursue these goals in an orderly manner. It actually helps one to “get the lead out” of ones movement and to move forward with energy.




Vanadinite can promote thrift in spending; either conserving ones energy or ones money. It is a good mineral for those who have tendencies to overspend.




The hollow prismatic crystals hold additional property of facilitating a clear center which flows from the crown chakra, through the core of the body, and to the feet. The clearing and opening of this center provides for pure un-manifested energy to fill the body, stimulating the remainder of the chakras, and providing for a deep peace within the soul. The energy which flows into and through the center of the body provides for the alignment with the optimum self and furthers the transfer of perfection from the optimum self to the level of the cellular structures of the physical body.


Vanadinite Mineral crystals in Naples FL at Altered Elements Store.

Vanadinite crystals in Naples FL at Altered Elements Store.

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