2nd Chakra – Sacral

The Second Chakra-Sacral-Svadhisthana-Water-Vam:

There is a tremendous sweetness here.This orange ray with water energy represents the expansion of your own individuality, therefore it has our sexual energy.  Are we fully content in our sexuality without issues, thus allowing our physical love relationships to be an energetic expansion of ourselves and not a need filled completion of ourselves? There is birthing here, creating and making new.  Here we explore all that is, experiencing everything lightning fast as understood by energy traveling super-fast through water with a joyful gaiety of fresh wonder. The cycle of life is here which is why your friends and relationships blossoming are so important early on. They can help or hurt how you perceive yourself.  With clarity and perspective the orange ray has ideas and brings in the structure saying you can do this. Full of hope and promise we are guided to let go of fear, anxiety and stress making way for the wholeness of a completed you ready to do your stuff.

Buy 2nd chakra crystals to balance the Male/Female, Yin Yang,  Positive/Negative energies in all of your auras and chakras to be the most creative self you are intended to be.

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Bumble Bee Jasper
Orange Calcite
Orange River Quartz
Peach Moonstone
Red Aragonite

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