Teaching you how to know and help yourself with wisdom from unbounded love

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Intuitive Rock Reading with Lucy, Naples most unique psychic “Rock Star”


Rocks talking, Auras aligning, Love lavishing, Intuition Illuminating

Lucy will tell you why you picked out those rocks, you them and them you.

What does the cosmos of infinite divine intelligence have to say to you?

Releasing a gentle tear results when you hear your deepest desires listened to.

Confirmation of contact creates a trust in Love prompting a willingness to let go of lies listened to.

The information given is often what you have heard from your self but aren’t paying attention to.

There is time in a reading for you to ask questions directing the final wisdom given.

Many friends grouped in a wand, healing and helping humanities mission.


Is it a tesla coil, orgonite or magnetic resonator? No, its a super wand.

When stones are energetically connected, the resulting power is exponentially greater.

You can take a three hour class, picking your own stones and making your own personalized wand.

We have several different wands available responding to our clients most common requests.

Once our wands are created additional love energy is attuned within them.

From Reiki to Yoga, massage to message the healing wands relate with marvelous might.

We can custom make you a wand for your own personal needs.

An Angel of Atlantis, galactic guardian, speaks through Seraphim Blueprint


A six level, 11 energies attunement protocol with significant meditation and wisdom.

From Physical, Emotional, Mental and Buddhic healing with harmonizing waves

Through personal healing letting go of unhealthy blockages and limiting beliefs

Through Planetary alignments with some real neat new places pondered

To empowering yourself with plan, purpose and prosperity to serve others

To the Divine Wonder where the bounty of blissful peace perfectly prevails.

The Seraphim Blueprint Class experience is a 45 hour life changing journey of joy taught by Lucy.


Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 6pm

Thursday Evening Meditation starts at about 7PM

Sunday, Monday: Closed