3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus

The Third Chakra-Solar Plexus-Manipura-Fire-Ram:

The yellow ray, our Blessed Sun-Fire energy fills our body with function, practicality and production.  This is the highest of the personality and physical body chakras.  This is where manifestation, prosperity and abundance pour out of our cells.  Indeed other not so pleasant experiences can pour out as well giving us lack of comfort, lack of ease, dis-ease and eventually if not resolved manifesting into actual disease. The yellow ray stones work in relationship with all your other work to find forgiveness, love and peace in your soul.  The sun reminds us to stop and see the light, the sparkle of the dew drop on the rose petal with the ladybug observing, to catch the rainbow dance on the delighted wall as the sun pierced through the glistening window revealing a laughter and love not seen if too busy.  We are called to do business having traveled upward to spirit returning to an excited world of creating and purpose and prosperity.  Without the travel up to spirit we can become exhausted or much worse. The Yellow ray helps us boost our self-esteem, shedding our blockages.

Buy 3rd chakra crystals to perfect the ego and personality with expanded consciouness bringing lighted awareness into all you manifest and desire in the work you do.


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Bumble Bee Jasper
Honey Calcite
Mookaite Jasper
Rutilated Quartz
Shiva Lindham;
Yellow Jasper
Yellow Tiger’s Eye

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