Photograph, Painting or Sculpture…

It’s all Art from the Heart!

Bringing an artistic photographic moment of nature into your home.

A beach sunset experiences the water, the fire, the earth, the air and even the ether.

The observations of orchids capture the creativity of new life where perfection ensues.

Orchids represent that impossibilities are possible, truth frees and Love wins.

Contrasts of light and dark deepen and enrich LOVE allowing us to accept and forgive.

From within the earth to the furthermost universe art photographs connect to the Divine.

Relating to another’s art painting and essence encourages receiving from others.

Ann Rothan’s angels are channeled for a specific person and reprinted with permission.

Fairies and devas, elementals and angels are visible in the mist of magic.

Mary Alyz’s flowers show the delightful dance of God’s glorious gardens.

From daisies to dahlias and poinsettias to pansies natures love blesses with art paintings.

Light dancing in molten glass creating a one-of-a-kind art sculpture

John Roberts BORO Sea sculptures with water world’s reality before you.

John Yuan’s vortex marbles are mysterious and engaging.

David Hoffman’s wooden kaleidoscope’s intrigue and amaze.


Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 6pm

Thursday Evening Meditation starts at about 7PM

Sunday, Monday: Closed