7th Chakra – Crown

Seventh Chakra-Crown-Sahasrara-Thousand petaled Lotus-the breath:

Located on top of the head, perhaps even a little above and spinning upward.  It is the color of translucent Violet yet often represented by the clear, crystalline or whites.  Some purple stones also match the very high vibration of the crown chakra. Here we have our link to the cosmos, the planetary wonder of more than just us.  Who is out there, can we see them, hear them. What is time, what is now? Are there many dimensions of existence or just this one that we can see clearly? How do we see the others more clearly? What is our purpose? Am I doing what I planned to do when I came here?  What are akashic records?  Is the Void here? So many questions…It makes my head spin. For bliss, calm and answers to settle into your being the light sparkly/violet colors assist you in awakened consciousness (kundalini) giving you love, balance and pure energy in all you do.

Buy 7th chakra crystals to connect with the divine, the creator of all that is, to explore you akashic records and know the purpose of your human existence for ultimate transfiguration.


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