Looking for the best metaphysical supply store in Naples?

Altered Elements offers crystals, minerals, Jewelry, books and metaphysical tools for healing, enlightenment, conscious awareness and personal empowerment. A visit to this little spot of heaven enables you to shed yourself of limiting beliefs, feelings of fear and blockages receiving abundant love and profound purpose to your journey in this life.

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HELLO, Welcome into our home, our website, our heart, our healing, our happiness.

Nestled in the old oak trees of a North Naples somewhat out of the way industrial park you will find a loving sense of heaven upon entering Altered Elements.  Instantly transported to a place of calm, healing and wonder the minerals welcome you to their energy of happiness and abundant possibilities.  Beautiful paintings surround the walls while specimen minerals glow with the Earth resonance of joyful excitement.  Love is deeply felt and answers to age old questions of the meaning of life rise out of the vast selections of crystals.  This peaceful universal energy enables you to breathe deeply and relax, while enjoying the emotional stroll through this little oasis of refreshment and regeneration.  You might listen to the chimes tinkling, or the angels singing, or the rocks whispering or the cosmic sounds sending their Light vibration.

Unique jewelry filled with polished and natural rough stones is artfully displayed throughout the store inviting you to try on their exquisite energy. From stone bracelets, sacred geometry necklaces, mineral pendants, silver and copper earrings, opal inlaid rings, to set gemstones in sterling bracelets the selection is varied for amazing gifts or personal adornment.

We love life and living and the most precious gift we are of being a human being.  We love the land and nature and light and happiness and truth and sharing with an excited passion health and healing and the beauty of empowering yourself.

The meditation room next door is always open for you to rest, relax, revive and read any of the hundreds of books on Crystals, Metaphysics, Hands on Healing, Energy, Seven Rays, Quantum Healing, Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Life Between Lives, Atlantis, Lemuria and a whole lot more.

We invite you to visit us today!

Whether or not you come in to breathe or browse or buy or just be–its all for the better.

Come to our weekly crystal bowl meditation on Thursday to relax and enjoy the journey. 

We have a huge selection of gems, crystals, minerals and specimens. 

See our rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and so much more!

Looking for something for a loved one while visiting beautiful Naples, Florida? 

Enjoy the enlightening class called Seraphim Blueprint or simply have fun making art.

Maybe you want a specimen rock, gem, fossil or crystal.…

We appreciate the earth’s rocks, minerals and crystals, the gifts of Gaia and the healing powers she offers.

Maybe you want some jewelry.....

Each carefully chosen and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, some might call altered, has spoken to us.

Maybe you want a gift.....

Energy of all essence is everywhere, may the energy that comes with your gift be LOVE.

Maybe you want Metaphysical tools or talk.....

Gems and crystals combined into jewelry or tools for a specific metaphysical purpose

Maybe you want an Intuitive Rock Reading.....

How much the universe absolutely appreciates and loves you is spoken within a Rock Reading.

Maybe you want to take Seraphim Blueprint Classes.....

The highest Seraph, an Atlantean Angel, as well as a guardian of the Galaxies, gives us the Seraphim Blueprint

Maybe you want a holistic healing wand.....

With a selenite stick its base, tumbled stones join to serve in a synchronistic synergy.

Jewelry, Crystals, Healing stones & more!

Stop on by

Tuesday – Saturday

Our Convenient North Naples location is off Yahl Street.

Yahl Street is between Shirley St & Naples Blvd on the North side of Pine Ridge Rd.

There's plenty of free parking.

We’d love to have you join us!

Thursday Evening

Using both alchemical crystal bowls and Tibetan brass mix bowls, as well as other sound producing instruments like a rain stick, thunder drums and angel notes Lucy adds her light language to create a sound healing journey. With a teaching time creating the theme of the journey you are prepared for a safe and grounded astral travel from deep within to heaven and beyond. The result of the two hours produces a higher vibration in your heart and mind to carry forward into your day to day practical life. Understanding of God, your angels, guides and ancient wisdom enables you to feel relaxed, comforted and peacefully more aware of your life plan and purpose in the universe.

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    Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 6pm

    Thursday Evening Meditation starts at about 7PM

    Sunday, Monday: Closed