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Chalcedony Crystal Chemical Composition: SiO2 Astrological Sign of Cancer & Sagittarius     Chalcedony is considered to be a variety of Quartz. It is either transparent, translucent, or opaque. It occurs as stalactites, in botryoidal form, and in the lining of cavities of rocks, and is a cryptocrystalline variety of...

Agate (Chalcedony) red-banded agate that is also known as sard or sardonyx Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl) faceted alexandrite displaying the color change effect Amber (Amber) amber specimen unpolished amber with insect another specimen of amber containing an insect amber fluorescence Amethyst (Quartz) amethyst crystals rough specimen amethyst geode Ametrine (Quartz) faceted ametrine Apatite (Apatite) apatite crystals Aquamarine (Beryl) faceted aquamarine Aventurine (Chalcedony) polished aventurine nugget Azurite azurite crystals azurite geode Benitoite...

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