Sacred Geometry

Chalcedony Crystal Chemical Composition: SiO2 Astrological Sign of Cancer & Sagittarius     Chalcedony is considered to be a variety of Quartz. It is either transparent, translucent, or opaque. It occurs as stalactites, in botryoidal form, and in the lining of cavities of rocks, and is a cryptocrystalline variety of...

Staurolite Crystals (The Fairy Stone) Chemical Composition: (Fe2+,Mg,Fe3+)4Al17O13 [(Si,Al)O4]8 (OH)3 Locality: Madagascar Astrological Sign of Pisces   The mineral, although known for centuries, was first reported in 1792 by J.C. Delamethrie and was named from the Greek word "stauros", meaning "cross" referring to the cruciform twin crystallization analyzed.     This mineral is a talisman of...

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