Spiritual Housekeeping Meditation Aligning, Attuning, Centering to your manifestation of the purpose of your personal dreams. AE Studio 7:00 Sept. 29.

Spiritual Housekeeping Meditation Aligning, Attuning, Centering to your manifestation of the purpose of your personal dreams. AE Studio 7:00 Sept. 29.

Join us for Meditation at Altered Elements studio tonight where we will discuss Spiritual Housekeeping.  What is our center and how can we refresh and recalibrate our being to be the best we can be. 7:00 to 9:00



Spiritual Housekeeping

You are the vessel to receive and send God’s love.

Last week we did a Water Meditation where we brought in the new energies of Seraphim Blueprint Aqua Dynamics. All were positively affected sensing cleansing through all the organs, systems, down to each and every cell of our body. There was a feeling of love filled aligning energy coming from the Creator of All that is.  We felt touched by Jesus and reflected on healing waters.

Astrologically we are completing the end of a nine year cycle.  I like the quote from Barbara Marciniak: “Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”  This is a choice.  Taking responsibility for our own thoughts and actions is not easy.

For example, We can simply look at forgiveness.  Why is forgiveness such a big deal?  When we don’t forgive we are energetically tied to the person we have issues with. Should they have done something different, treated us more kindly, helped us more sincerely, raised us with more love and less control or judgment.  Thousands of thoughts can tie us to another who ruffled our feathers. Forgiving means taking responsibility for ourselves.  Who I am, what I think and feel, what I do and say is my choice-ALWAYS.  Do our works reflect love and perfect forgiveness.  I am continusously sending out vibrations from the energetic beingness of the vessel I am residing in. Who do you like to be around?  Do you keep company with positive people or negative people? Further how strong are you projecting to others love and gratitude?  It is with mental responsibility and heart inspired effort that we consciously send out positive emissions of love and light.  So is there anything inside you of the not so good ruffly sort that seeks to divide us.

A couple days ago at the Directors Guild of America, there was the premier of the new trailer for the movie “The Connected Universe,” that one of my favorite physicist Nassim Haramein of Resonance Project Foundation has inspired, Directed by Malcom Carter. The trailer is available on You Tube. Science is now able to prove how everything is connected and that we individually affect the expansion of our universe.  We matter, our thoughts, our hearts, our work matters.  So we do our Spiritual Housekeeping.

Where:  5630 Yahl St.  #1
When:  Sept 29, 7:00 to 9:00
Cost:  Love offering

There are comfy sofas, chairs and blankets provided.
The guided meditation is assisted by Alchemical Crystal bowls and sacred sound prayers.

As always make sure to tune in to Altered-Elements.com for the latest events, classes, new products, specials and more! If you have any questions you can always email me at Lucy@Altered-Elements.com or call us at (239)-430-0654.

Love and Light,
Lucy Finch

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