Denise Lescano Psychic Boot Camp at Altered Elements Studio

Denise Lescano Psychic Boot Camp at Altered Elements Studio

International Psychic medium Denise Lescano is offering a Weekend Workshop at the brand new Altered Elements Studio in Naples, Florida on November 7th and 8th. Please contact either Lee at Denise Lescano’s office or call Altered Elements directly for more information.

International Psychic Medium Denise Lescano is running a Weekend Workshop – The Psychic Boot Camp

Taking place at the brand new Altered Elements Studio

Hello Everyone,

Great News! Psychic event at the new studio.

Denise Lescano is excited to do her Psychic Boot Camp Weekend Workshop For Psychic Development, Personal & Spiritual Development & Mental Mediumship at the brand new Altered Elements Studio located at  5630 Yahl St #1, Naples (the former Creative Landscape Lighting location) the second weekend in November.  If you have ever desired to be more psychic this is a fabulous and fun way to experience this work.

Several years ago a regular customer of mine at Altered Elements was going to this psychic workshop.  Well I knew there were some psychics out there that I didn’t trust. I wanted to protect this friend and so I signed up for this workshop also. It was quite a commitment — 2 days for five weekends.  What we do for friends!

I started by reading her book :

The Messenger
It was rated a “Top 10 Book” on Bookbuzzr and Freado. “An inspiring and enlightening TRUE story that will change the way you think about your life.”
The Messenger is available through her website and Amazon

Now it was time for the workshop.  Who is this person?  Into the first morning I felt comfortable and assured that Denise was genuine and had a lot to teach.  Her worldly experience with several successful businesses coupled with working for the non-profit Mental Health Association specifically schizophrenia, and her relationship with helping the police department find people was an interesting and fun complement to learning that we are all psychics, just untrained in using our tools.  Denise gave me insight as to why the crystals and rocks I work with have so many stories to tell and wisdom to reveal.

Step by step Denise explains the process and introduces people to their own tools of observation and interpretation.  Everyone practices and is surprised at the truth of the message, discovering things about others and themselves confirmed in conversation.  Since teaching this class several years ago it has morphed into an even richer experience. She has taught it in Japan many times, two days over four weekends.  Experience and feedback has given her insight how to take the best of the series and reduce them into a one-weekend experience.  It is no longer more than a thousand dollars.  For just about the price of a one hour private “Psychic Readings” ($350.00) with Denise you get the complete Level 1 training over a whole weekend ($400.00) including a gallery session reading several people in a group on the opening night. The space is limited so to reserve your unique place ASAP  by contacting Lee at her OFFICE, tell her Lucy sent you–or call Lucy at my store (239)-430-0654 for more information.

The Schedule: Friday, November 7th, 7:30-9:30pm Gallery Reading Night-Kickoff. Denise will be giving a brief lecture & delivering short messages to some random audience members. Saturday & Sunday, November 8th-9th, 9-6pm. The Workshop *Price for entire weekend is $400.00. (Price includes one Gallery Ticket) Additional Gallery Evening Tickets $25 each.
I have also participated in the group call with her on The Afterlife Data Project That was engaging and fun along with important as research continues into the After-Life.  This too is highly recommended and quite different from Psychic Boot Camp Weekend Workshop For Psychic Development, Personal & Spiritual Development & Mental Mediumship.

To see Denise’s website go to www.deniselescano.com

More events will be happening at the New Studio on 5630 Yahl St #1. Stay tuned and hope to see you soon. Enjoy Denise Lescano’s Psychic Bootcamp!

Love and Light,
Lucy Finch


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