Barite Crystal

Barite crystal in Naples FL at Altered Elements Store.

Barite Crystal

Blue Barite

Chemical Composition: BaSO4

Locality: Nador, Morocco

Astrological Sign of Aquarius

All forms of Barite produce an incentive to “go for” ones dreams without restraint. Barite continues to bring the energy toward ending the processes of finite thought while facilitating the expansion of all aspects of ones world.

The mineral enhances friendship, harmony, and love, and can provide insight into the “relationship connection”. It also initiates independence and motivation; assisting one in attaining personal freedom from the “requirements” of others as well as from oneself.

This crystal can be a cathartic to the emotional self, allowing for release of trapped emotions and feelings; bringing calm and self-assurance to the inner state after removal of the pain.


Barite can also be used to both stimulate and cleanse the throat chakra, to assist in renewal of the intuitive energies, and to provide for communication of new ideas and thoughts (with shyness diminished). This crystal provides a strong, yet delicate, connection to the spiritual world, assisting one on the path toward the journey and the goal. –LOVE IS IN THE EARTH THE CRYSTAL AND MINERAL ENCYCLOPEDIA THE LIITE FANTASTIC AND THE LAST TESTAMENT By: MELODY

Barite crystal in Naples FL at Altered Elements Store.

Barite crystal in Naples FL at Altered Elements Store.

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