Water Meditation Thursday Sept 22 7:00 Altered Elements studio

Water Meditation Thursday Sept 22 7:00 Altered Elements studio

 Water Meditation to Purify, Cleanse and Enlighten the water is every cell of your body with Seraphim Blueprint Energy and God’s Love. Thursday Sept 22, 7:00 Altered Elements Studio


Water Meditation

Purifying the Water coming and going!

There is a new awareness and personal power from Divine creation coming into the minds of energy healers and scientists alike!  We love water, need water, are blessed by water and in fact are made up of mostly water. The newest Seraphim Blueprint Energy, received from the Seraph by Alex Brandin, perceived as Aqua Dynamics is all about water and its many healing and conscious aspects. This energy actually refreshes the water in your body to flow in the purest state energetically removing toxins from every cell.  I am fortunate to have taken this class this week.

From the observance of ancient art and even hieroglyphics the blessing by religious leaders with water is portrayed. Hand positions and donned garments even point to the eternal value of water. Rainbows are present in architecture and art representing the rays and waves of color separating and influencing our bodies in ways we can integrate.

We have heard of structured water and the work of Dr. Pollack, Dr. Emoto, Dr. Tu, Nassim Haramein and other scientists the world over who have observed the fourth phase of water.  The fourth phase is gel like and exists as H3O2, and occurs when observing more than one molecule of water.  There is being realized that a social consciousness is in water when many molecules exist together, which is the way it is.

The information is outstanding and influences humanity in positive ways we have yet to discover.  In this meditation I will attune to the new water energy of Seraphim Aqua Dynamics of Seraphim Blueprint and send its healing to you. Alex is offering this class in a soft teaching this weekend however he is having his grand presentation of this class in November.

Where:  5630 Yahl St #1
Cost:  Love Donation
When:  Thursday Sept 22, 7:00 to 9:00

Comfy sofas, chairs and blankets are provided. Or you can bring your own mat to enjoy this Water Meditation.

Alchemical Crystal bowls and sacred singing accompany this guided meditation.

As always make sure to tune in to Altered-Elements.com for the latest events, classes, new products, specials and more! If you have any questions you can always email me at Lucy@Altered-Elements.com or call us at (239)-430-0654.

Love and Light,
Lucy Finch

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