MEDITATION IS CANCELLED for Thurs. Sept. 15, 2016 at Altered Elements Studio.  Seraphim Blueprint Level 2 on Sat. Sept. 17, Next Meditation Sept. 22.

MEDITATION IS CANCELLED for Thurs. Sept. 15, 2016 at Altered Elements Studio.  Seraphim Blueprint Level 2 on Sat. Sept. 17, Next Meditation Sept. 22.

 You get to do your own meditation Thursday Sept. 15.  My meditation at the studio is cancelled.  We are on plan C. Sometimes it’s like that. Excitement is present though.  All is good.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Friday
Sept 16 at 3:05

Sun in Virgo opposite Moon in Pisces.

Though there is no meditation for us to acknowledge this eclipse as a group experience you can still connect in your personal time and space.  This pre-eclipse is a time where people are pushed to find their balance. Eclipses encourage us to find the relationship and balance between our experiences, expressions of karma and polarities. What is our spirit side, what is our business material side?  Where is the integration?  If we don’t know what we are doing we will surely be tested. The refiner’s fire is within us. It is not unusual if you are feeling torn, that feeling will propel you into positive affirmation.  And that, my friend, is good.

So meditation is cancelled because I cannot be two places at one time.  Not yet anyway.  I am working downtown and I am excited for what is happening at the store, new product is coming out from the show. The rocks are telling their tales.  Rearranging, listening to the rocks talk, the needs exclaimed, the vortex spinning strongly, it is all happening. The healing center at the store had been arranged so the first four chakras were on one side and the second four chakras on the other side.  It was like the ida and pingala of the Kundalini rising creating the smooth flowing outer channels of healing energy.  It was calming, soothing, created a deep breath and healing. This week it changed, I was surprised.  The rocks said they wanted root on one side on the bottom, sacral on the other side of the bottom.  They then zigzagged up from there.  The movement was like a spiral, a spinning vortex that could make you dizzy or enlightened, depending on your state of awareness.  I look forward to having you come in and stand in the vortex, seeing where it will instantly take you. It is a sign of the times we are in.  Stay focused on the light. We need to invoke 50 % serveice to others.  It is beauty for you and for humanity.

Further news is I have just finished David Wilcock’s new book, Ascension Masteries.  It was great. In the first half of the book David revisits his early life in autobiographical fashion, torrid emotions expressed as remembering the bulling in deep pain becomes cathartic. The journey into UFO’s is revealed and documented in a profound matter of fact path that leaves the reader with a common sense approach to the surreal.  My personal delight came when David shared his impressions of reading the Bible for the first time last year when he was in Banff, Alberta, Canada.  He traveled several times to this area for solitude and writing.  Not only did he read the Bible but he read the books of Enoch and Jasper also.  The Law of One, the ways of the Shaman, and the teachings of Jesus met him full square into a peaceful knowing of what ascension is really about.  The Seraphic Angels were seen and connected within the big picture of Heaven on Earth.  To make a long story short he sees the timeline of 2017 to 2023 to be when the big change comes on our planet.  The most recent episode on Gaia TV in Cosmic Disclosure and the talk with Corey Goode and Gonzales syncs with this timeline.  Gordon Davidson also on Saturday with his telecast speaks of the Light Alliance giving insight into the Masters coming during the same time frame. Blavatsky and the Seven Ray intelligence speaks of this consciousness arising happening before 2025.

What are we to do?  Train ourselves, be diligent. Get ourselves on the enlightened positive path. Study, Meditate, Serve. Perhaps exercise the attunements of the Seraphim Blueprint.  Or delve into Theta Healing or Esoteric Healing. Practice Transcendental Meditation or other Meditation Protocols.  Experience Sound Healing or John of God, Or a Course in Miracles, Pray. Bring the light home.  Laugh, Dance.

Last week in meditation we studied Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has written “You are the Placebo” and “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.”  All the writers/leaders mentioned in this email realize that what we think, what we wish for, what we will into our lives brings that into our lives.  It is so valuable to have our will be in alignment with the will of the Creator of All That is.  Some say God.  I am comforted in seeing Him as the Father of Jesus, My Father, and equally understood as the Father of All. Not one, but All.  Within Dr. Joe’s writings, the study of quantum Physics, the biology of the brain, observing the frequency of thought and brain waves and culminating in theta to gamma waves he explains how we are not particles, we are waves.  When we are the wave we are movement, moving in the flow with cosmic grace and love and life.  When we meditate so deeply that our body no longer is connected to us, yet our brain is fully alert and active we have in essence achieved gamma consciousness. That’s the kind the buddhist monks attempt to attain continuously. When we arrive at this consciousness we see truths that are so profound they cannot be forgotten or disputed. They become who we are because of the height, and width and depth of the known.  It is no longer a thought or a pursuit, it becomes the state of being. When we arrive at this perfect knowingness, then we are able to bring that back to humanity through our individuated selves.  It is exciting to be doing this cosmic/astral travel in meditations.  Try doing this for yourself during first aware.  You are coming out of deep sleep, light hits your pineal gland and serotonin starts being produced.  Upon entering morning consciousness you retreat into meditation. This is not a return to sleep. This is the most active part of your day. The body sleeps yes but the mind is moving faster and higher and into all knowing should it succeed  in  settling  down into the theta frequency and finally the gamma state offering the ever still with poignant silence a picture of the orchestra playing its stunning yet surreal symphony.

So I hope you are having a good time.  I am. Enjoy your own personal Full Moon Meditation!

I will continue teaching Level 2 Seraphim Blueprint at the studio on Saturday.  I will have meditation Next Thursday at 7:00.


As always make sure to tune in to Altered-Elements.com for the latest events, classes, new products, specials and more! If you have any questions you can always email me at Lucy@Altered-Elements.com or call us at (239)-430-0654.

Love and Light,
Lucy Finch


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